Cardgame Player Inc. is a Michigan-based company founded by Bob Ciaffone in 2005. Ciaffone is a well-known poker player, writer, and teacher, who also plays many cardgames besides poker. He is a life master at bridge, a skilled pinochle player, an avid hearts player, and plays a lot of other cardgames as well.

The traditional deck of cards has only two colors for the four suits. Hearts and diamonds are in red; spades and clubs are in black. This use of only two colors for the four suits is undoubtedly due to the saving in the cost of printing. anyone who has ever reneged (failed to follow suit) due to thinking a heart was a diamond or a spade was a club should be aware of the drawback in having two suits in the same color.

In the 1990's, the California poker player and writer attempted to get four-color decks available for poker, and succeeded in getting a card company to manufacture some. The colors he suggested were using the traditional colors for hearts and spades, but using blue for diamonds and green for clubs. The new decks were not well received by the poker community. Players objected to using a deck with three of the darker colors combined with the brightness of red, so the actual colors chosen were a serious issue. Another problem was the tendency toward superstition that possesses some of the weaker poker players (and some strong ones also, to a lesser degree). As soon as a superstitious person got a bad result on a deal using one of the new decks, the deck was blamed. "That's the last time I am going to play poker with a deck like this." The result of such an outburst was usually that the table understandably preferred to continue playing with the fellow who was "doing his money" (the British poker term for destroying one's bankroll) rather than continue playing with a four-colored deck.

At the dawn of the 21st century came internet poker. The internet poker sites began to offer a choice of either a traditional deck or a four-colored deck. The internet 4-color deck suit colors continued to follow those suggested by Caro. You could choose what type of deck you wanted, so each player in a particular game could see whatever deck color he wished to see on his computer screen. After the 4-color decks had been used for a few years, a Card Player magazine poll showed that about half of the internet poker players preferred a four-color deck.

Bob Ciaffone likes the 4-colored deck so much that he has designed one and had it manufactured in quantity by Parkson's, a company located in India. These decks come in a clear plastic case containing one blue-backed deck and one red-backed deck. These decks are pure plastic and of a high quality. A case of two decks sells for $10 + shipcost.

In February of 2005 Ciaffone invented a new cardgame that he believes is such a wonderful game for the whole family to enjoy that he has taken out a patent on it, and plans to market it to the public using his new company. This website is used for the promotion of his new game, which is called “Compare.”

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